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About Me

Maybe you have an App and you need fresh, new audio or expertly written hypnosis scripts.

Maybe you are a Hypnotherapist who doesn’t have the time or confidence to write and/or produce your own effective hypnosis scripts or professional audios.

Maybe you are someone who is looking to overcome a problem and you would like a Professional and Qualified Hypnotherapist to provide you with a specific and bespoke Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis Script or Program to help you to create positive results in your life.

My name is Catherine Jackson and I have 15 years of experience in the field of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. I became a Hypnotherapist in 2004 working with many clients on a 1 to 1 basis and then in 2007 I qualified as a Board Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and for over 10 years I ran my own Training and Coaching called Mind Training Systems, where I successfully trained lots of individuals to become certified Hypnotherapists.

I now create top level Hypnosis scripts and audios for a wide range of clients across the globe including Companies, Apps, Hypnotherapists and Individuals.

Catherine Jackson


I am passionate about delivering outstanding results for my clients and I have a wealth of experience in producing top quality, original, accurate and fresh content. I write first class hypnosis scripts for a large number of the marketing leading Apps across the globe as well as for business owners and individuals who want to create change. In addition to writing compelling and meaningful scripts that produce effective results, I have professional recording equipment and editing software to create outstanding recorded products.

Hypnosis Script Writing
Whether you need a one off script or a series of hypnosis scripts written, I will firstly discuss with you your requirements for the script. Then I will create and write the script and email it to you as a Word document or a pdf. You can then record the script yourself if you want to.
Hypnosis Script Writing + Audio Creation
This is the most popular option for one off hypnosis audios or a series of audios. Here, I will discuss with you your requirements for the hypnosis script. I will then write the script and email it to you as a Word document or a pdf for you to approve. Once you have signed off the script(s) I will record it for you and deliver it to you as an MP3 or a wav file. The audio can be voice over only or I can create an audio with the addition of appropriate music, sounds, white noise, bilateral sound & brainwave entrainment.
Hypnosis Audio Creation
In this option, you provide the hypnosis script and I will record the voice over and create a professional hypnosis audio for you. Alternatively, you can submit your voice-over’d script and I will edit it, if necessary and add music, sounds, tone, white noise and binaural beats if required.

More About Hypnosis

Using hypnosis and realising the value of experiencing trance, allows you to tap into the power of your Unconscious Mind.

Here are just a few of the things that Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help you to resolve.

There are times where Hypnosis is contraindicated, information has been outlined on this page primarily for those who are Hypnotherapists and are working with clients.

Freedom begins between the ears

Edward Abbey

Why Choose Me?

Individuals and businesses are under pressure these days and time is a precious asset. So by outsourcing your hypnosis script requirements to me, you can create time for other things
I am passionate about what I do and 100% committed to producing high quality hypnosis scripts that meet your requirements.
I have a proven track record as an expert in the field of hypnosis with over 15 years of real world experience.
I focus on serving my clients, whether I'm working with people who need fresh, new content for their Apps, business owners, hypnotherapists or individuals. I want you to reach your full potential.


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