When NOT to Use Hypnosis


There are times where Hypnosis is contraindicated, information has been outlined on this page primarily for those who are Hypnotherapists and are working with clients.
I am not a Medical Doctor or a Lawyer, so you must check the laws in your region regarding the use of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.
Hypnosis scripts should NEVER replace the advice given by a Medical Doctor or Practitioner.
Do NOT listen to Hypnosis audios whilst driving a car or operating any types of machinery.

1. The Client Is Dangerous To Self Or Others:
If the client indicates to you that they are a danger to themselves or others, then the client is beyond the scope of treatment by an unlicensed Hypnotherapist. Someone of this kind must be referred to a practitioner who is trained to handle clinical issues.

2. The Client Is Dealing With Highly Repressed Or Traumatic Material
Under certain circumstances, highly traumatic or highly repressed material could indicate that Hypnosis alone would not be appropriate to use. If you are not trained in interventions that deal in this area, it would be best to refer the client to a practitioner who is trained to handle these issues. (Time Line Therapy® may be indicated.)

3. The Client Is Dealing With A Life-Threatening Disease:
A client who seeks treatment by Hypnosis for a physiological and/or a life-threatening disease should be advised that such treatment is “controversial” and should be encouraged to get a diagnosis or referral from a Medical Doctor before proceeding. NOTE: It is not illegal to use hypnosis for, say, helping to alleviate an ulcer or its symptoms. It is, however, illegal to claim to use Hypnosis to cure any physical condition.

4. The Client Is Dealing With Certain Psychiatric or Neurological Disorders:
If a client is dealing with certain disorders which are Psychiatric in nature, such as Multiple Personality, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Hysteria, and others, as well as Epileptic Seizures, it would be appropriate to seek a referral from an Medical Doctor or Psychiatrist before proceeding.

Also if you are a Hypnotherapist working with members of the opposite sex then you should only use hypnosis when there is a reliable witness present.

The hypnosis scripts and general information on this web page are not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional advice from a Medical Doctor, Registered Psychologist or a suitable health practitioner.

You should make yourself aware of any laws restricting or even illegal to use of hypnosis in your locality. Be sure to complete due diligence.

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